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The Purple Martin

The Problem:

Purple Martin populations have been declining on the East Coast for several decades due to various human-induced factors such as habitat loss, pesticide use, and collisions with man-made structures. As natural nesting sites diminished, purple martins increasingly turned to man-made structures for nesting, leading to an exclusive reliance on human-established habitats.

Trash collected at the beach during installation. 

Gourds were painted by local homeschooled students after a lesson on Martins!

The Project:

In response to this decline, we've initiated a collaborative effort with The North Fork Audubon Society and the Silver Sands Motel to establish a new Purple Martin nesting colony in Greenport, NY. Throughout the breeding season, we conduct weekly nest checks to monitor the colony's success. Additionally, our colony is registered with the Purple Martin Conservation Association's ProjectMartin watch, contributing valuable data to a nationwide citizen science initiative.

The Goal:

As Purple Martin scouts arrive and our colony stands ready, our goal is to attract Martins to inhabit our nesting sites and contribute to their conservation.

Get Involved! 

We invite you to visit our nest at the Silver Sands Motel in Greenport. Our Martin Colony is mapped below!

As well, please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have about this project!

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