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Birding with the Wildlife Center of Long Island

The Mission: Education and Conservation

At the CI Bird Sanctuary, our dedication to educating participants about Long Island's local bird species goes hand in hand with fostering a deeper appreciation for these animals. Recently, we extended this mission by organizing two special birding expeditions for the Youth Conservation Team of the Wildlife Center of Long Island. The goal was to provide hands-on experience in bird observation and conservation, aiming to identify as many bird species as possible while learning about their behaviors, habitats, and histories.

Learning in the Field

With the sun shining brightly and summer in full swing, the outdoors served as the perfect classroom. Onboard the motorboat Easy Street, students began their day with a brief discussion about the environmental impact of DDT, a synthetic insecticide with a notorious history. Working together, they solved a puzzle that illustrated the cascading effects DDT has had on the environment, setting the stage for a day of discovery and learning.

Following this activity, students eagerly set out to find, identify, and record every bird they encountered. Each sighting was meticulously logged into the ship's logbook and later uploaded to eBird, the world's largest citizen science database. This exercise not only honed their observation skills but also contributed valuable data to global bird conservation efforts.

A Collaborative Effort

The CI Bird Sanctuary and the Wildlife Center of Long Island share a commitment to education, conservation, and a passion for wildlife – a combination that made this collaboration exceptionally fruitful. Together, we created an enriching experience that highlighted the importance of teamwork and shared knowledge in achieving our conservation goals.

Osprey photograph by Todd Davis


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